Monthly Dances

We provide a safe place for single, widowed, divorced, remarried, and married individuals to socialize and be part of a community through a non-profit organization. We meet the third Saturday of most month at:
St. Peter Church, 202 Schaumburg Road – Schaumburg, Illinois 60194. Dance will be starting at 6PM to 10:00PM We close promptly at 10:00PM so St. Peter’s crew can come in and clean the room after the dance. They put the tables and chairs away to make ready for Sunday morning church doings.

Our dances give you a chance to socialize, and speak with others to discuss solutions to your concerns. We are a social support group. It gives people a place to look forward to coming to.

Monthly Dances

We are a social support group, who value each other and come together to support each other and celebrate life in a social atmosphere. We dance to a live DJ on the third Saturday of each month. Music, dance have healing powers, and allows us to express our feelings. We dance our feelings out.

Depending how the Easter Vigil and how it falls in the month we may have to have our dance either on the second or on the fourth Saturday of the month. The church’s functions come before our dances.

We decorate the room for the dances according to the dance theme which sets the mood for socializing, supporting and dancing.

Volunteers: I am in need of volunteers. Thanks.

We serve food and snacks at each dance monthly, i.e. Hot dogs, Chili, Chicken, Pizza, etc.,
We serve: pop, water, coffee, etc.
Snacks are always available, and we ask people to bring a snack to share.

Thanks to all that bring a snack to share. Everybody enjoys the variety.